The Science of Crystallography represents the character of a crystal and principally their Atomic Structure, is extremely crucial for many of the active Scientists whose analysis work relates with materials and their structures. As an example, physics or, Crystal Structure is being employed by Chemists to get and synthesized new chemical compounds and to alter its physical properties. Physics is employed by most of the medication and drug discovering corporations to create helpful modifications in drugs. Additionally, physics helps to analysis into however medication target proteins, the molecules that square measure essential for living organisms to operate properly. Materials individual depends on physics to check new materials having several Industrial applications. Crystals of Li niobate square measure employed in the telecommunication markets.

Crystallography may be a science in its claim. Similarly, Crystallographers have their own international union and their own systems of terminology and Notation. Physics will be found all told science aspects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Materials science and arithmetic, similarly as in several industries.